Team 31 has the privilege to team up with a number of the absolut best partners in the industry. Partners that shares Team 31’s values and support our efforts, both on and off the race tracks. We are honoured to have each and everyone of you onboard.


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Team 31 – Princess Sports Events AB

Robert Whitlock
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Team 31

Mats Pettersson
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Team 31 was created out of a desire to do something different. Rather than perpetuate the pressurized structure of elite racing, with its focus on podiums, followers, and engagement, the goal is to have fun and inspire others.

At the upper echelon of racing, it is easy to forget that riding bikes is fun. That is why spending time with children is so important. It is a reminder of why we ride and more importantly, an opportunity to inspire the next generation to stay active and healthy.

The team’s name also brings attention to Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that “every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities.“

The Team was inspired by the personal journey of Olympic Champion Jenny Rissveds. After overcoming a personal battle with eating disorders and depression which caused her to leave cycling, she has returned to the sport and become a major proponent for mental health.

Team 31 was established as a Program 31 initiative in the year 2020 and together with the 2016 XCO Olympic Champion, Jenny Rissveds. After just one year, in 2021, Team31 teamed up with Outride to form Team31:Outride and also added one more rider to the team, Kelsey Urban.

In 2022, Team31 and Ibis entered into a long-term collaboration agreement, forming Team31 – Ibis, and managed to connect a new group of partners to the team as well as a third team member – Linn Gustafzzon. As a consequence, the team applied to become an official UCI MTB team, which was accepted in February 2022.


Program 31 is an initiative to promote children’s right according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child in general, and its 31st article in particular.

Program 31 shall inspire children to:
• Activate themselves and to engage in spontaneous play

• Be a good friend and to treat their peers as they want to be treated themselves

• Stay away from tobacco, alcohol and drugs

• Use their curiosity and to try new activities, physical, cultural or educational

• Take advantage of the opportunity to study and to get an education

• Appreciate differences and diversity in sports, games, school and the social life

• Demand from the adult society and the world that children shall have the right to remain children and that the Convention of the right of the child shall be respected

A Program 31 activity, like the activities under Team 31, has the purpose of promoting the 31st article of the Convention on the right of the child and to lower the thresholds for children to activate themselves by:
• always being free of charge for participating children

• allowing for all children shall be able to participate, without any regards to previous knowledge, gender, financial means etc.

• being relevant and appropriate for children (age/length restrictions may apply)

• having an adult with appropriate knowledge and education supervising the activities

• being free from competition and collaboration is encouraged

• having activities that are free from commercial trademarks and/or messages